Cilla Veronica Back

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Cilla Back's work is frequently described with the words penetrating, surreal, corporeal, expressionistic, operetical, visual theatre. In her work each performance is treated as a piece of art as a whole. Directing, Choreography, Costume Design, Set Design, these are the vital components of Back's meticulously structured oeuvre – through them the audience it is carried into another dimension, "a world of its own" as Back calls it.

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Latest Productions

Glimpses from Cilla Back's latest production, the pluriannual, multidisciplinary project "City And Longing". The project is supported by Taike and Pirkanmaan kulttuurirahasto.


Selected Productions

  • Credits:   Based on the Screenplay by Rainer Werner Fassbinder Adapted for the stage by Cilla Back Premiere on the 31th of October 2019 at Lilla […]
  • Elama by Cilla Back a new production 2017 new production by Cilla Back Elama 2017 Portfolio Cilla Back stage director Elama new […]
  • Desc Credits: by Witold Gombrowicz World Première: Det Norske Teatret, Oslo Production: Det Norske Teatret, Oslo no-repeat;center top;; auto Cilla Back’s Portfolio Yvonne theatral show Yvonne […]
  • Hedda Gabler by Ibsen Cilla Back portfolio Hedda Gabler by Henrik Ibsen Portfolio Cilla Back Hedda Gabler by Henrik Ibsen Cilla Back Portfolio […]
  • center Desc Credits: by Frank Wedekind Production: Vaasa City Theater, Finland no-repeat;center top;; auto 60px 60px 60px 60px Lulu Videos Watch the Videos About the Show: […]
  • Yerma theatral show director Cilla Back Cilla Back’s Portfolio Yerma theatral show Yerma theatral show directed by Cilla Back Cilla Back Director […]
  • default Cilla Back’s Portfolio Tarantata theatral show Portfolio Tarantata theatral show directed by Cilla Back Cilla Back Portfolio Tarantata theatral show Tarantata […]
  • 2UO4s29EzBs ;c;; 860 482 Desc Production Year: 2017 Credits: by Henrik Ibsen World Première: Premiere 23.08.2017 Production: Theater Ibsen, Norway no-repeat;center top;; auto 60px 60px […]
  • default 60 default Watch the Video Trailer no-repeat;center top;; auto default eL7vUwg_c7Y ;c;; 700 400 Desc Credits: by Pipsa Lonka […]
  • Desc Production Year: 2005 Credits: by Ibsen Production: Finnish National Theatre, Helsinki no-repeat;center top;; auto 60px 60px 60px 60px center default center © 2016 Cilla […]
  • Neiti Julie theatral show director Cilla Back Julie theatral show director Cilla Back Julie theatral show director Cilla Back Portfolio default Desc no-repeat;center […]
  • Hilda Theatral Show Cilla Back director director Cilla Back Hilda theatral show Cilla Back director: Hilda Theatral Show Hilda Shows Cilla Back […]
  • Portfolio Cilla Back director Fröken Else theatral show Fröken Else theatral show director Cilla Back Portfolio Fröken Else theatral show directed by Cilla […]
  • Portfolio Cilla Back director Fru Catharina Bojie Else theatral show Fru Catharina Bojie Else theatral show director Cilla Back Portfolio Fru Catharina Bojie […]
  • default theatral show Edith Cilla Back Portfolio prettyphoto Portfolio Cilla Back Edith theatral show prettyphoto Edith theatral show Cilla Back director Portfolio prettyphoto […]
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Cilla Veronica Back

The Female Nomad
of European Theater

Cilla Back is often quoted for her international working field and is Finland's most international female director. Her work has been seen in France, Italy, Russia, Norway, Finland, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland.
She works in five languages and has been denominated by the press as the “female nomad of the European theater".

Words on Stage

The content of Back's directings are revisitations of Classics by playwrites like Henrik Ibsen, Frank Wedekind, August Strindberg. Furthermore she dramatizes and/or adapts to the stage verse and prose (for instance Edith Södergran, Dylan Thomas, Arthur Schnitzler, Fernando Pessoa, Milan Kundera). In addition she directs texts of her own writing.

Directing tools

Back's signature is her her choreographical stage language – the actors' physicality is enchanced and structured, the use of space is carefully composed – movement, gesture and rhytm are the essence of her handwriting.

Supervisory Assignements and Prizes

Cilla Back was the Artistic Leader and Associated Artist for Finland in the EU Cultural Program – European Theater Network PROSPERO (2008 – 2012). Back's work has been recognized with several prices from the Arts Council of Finland, the Finnish Cultural Foundation and the Swedish Cultural Foundation.

One of Finland’s most international stage directors

Back is of Finnish nationality and belongs to the Finnish Swedish minority of Finland. She graduated from Scuola d’arte drammatica Paolo Grassi, Milan (formerly known as Scuola del Piccolo Teatro) in 1996.

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